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The monsoon, ah. This time of year also has its share of challenges, even as the air around you cools and the rain makes your bed as comfortable as it can be. Consider humidity, wet streets, and persistent moisture. Ugh! Now, if you don’t want the rain to ruin your look, you also need to think about what to do about the itchiness your beard experiences. As a Hair Salon Downtown in Victoria BC, I come across people who are concerned with their beard care routine on Monsoon days. Yes, you are aware of what I am talking about. The monsoon season causes a lot of changes to beards, including pimples, beardruff, and itchy skin. Itching and acne are two of the most prevalent issues a man with a full beard experiences. And the rainy season makes these issues worse. But not when you can apply this advice. Here are some tips and advice to help you overcome beard blues. 

1. Use Beard Oil

The majority of men frequently disregard beard oils since they believe they do not require special oils to promote faster beard growth. But beard oils typically accomplish much more than that. Beard oils not only promote growth but also nourish and supply the nutrients required for upkeep and maintenance. Additionally, it strengthens the beard’s strands by conditioning them. Here’s the right choice – https://www.nandabarbervic.com/product/beard-oil-jolly-be/

2. Wash It Regularly

I think it’s quite clear, though. Fungus and bacteria thrive in moist, humid environments, such as a damp beard. This might result in fungal infections, as well as a foul odor and your beard growing in an odd way. It can also disrupt the skin. So it becomes essential to routinely wash your beard. Choose a beard wash that is suitable for both your skin and your beard.

3. Trim

Although you may not enjoy having your beard cut off, it is necessary because the rain will ruin the texture of your beard. For the sake of keeping it neat and tidy, we advise weekly beard trimming. You see, during the rainy season, your beard will behave in a very strange manner, and the only way to control it is to clip it. It might even improve if you do this. Additionally, clipping can significantly lessen ingrown hairs. Visit Nanda Barber, one of the best Hair Salon in Victoria BC

4. Avoid Junk Food

Your beard will benefit more from your diet if it is more nutrient-dense. In other words, stay away from fried junk food. Keep in mind that your skin reflects whatever you eat. Eating unhealthily will hinder the growth of your beard more than you may imagine. Therefore, think twice before ordering a cheeseburger or a lot of French fries.

5. Dry it off

Even though we should be cleaning and washing our beards, limiting excessive humidity will help you maintain a healthy beard. In particular, during the monsoon season, wet beard hair can add extra weight, causing the beard to feel heavy and the skin beneath to become impermeable. As a result, infections and acne are more likely to affect the skin and hair follicles. If you’re going to spend a lot of time outside in the rain, get a handkerchief or napkin with you!

6. Use the right Moisturizer

Moisturizing is one of the most crucial elements in monsoon beard maintenance. Otherwise, don’t even consider tagging your Instagram photos with #BeardGoals. You must moisturize your beard to keep it nourished and smelling wonderful. Much like your beautiful hair, your beard is something you should take care of. It is advised to use a comedogenic moisturizer, especially during the monsoon season. To make your beard appear thicker, moisturize it.

5. Consume Water

You have probably heard this a fair few times by this point. However, I am going to reiterate it once more. For improved beard growth, drink water. Your body’s blood flow will be enhanced, which will subtly encourage the growth of your beard. 

Want to know more about Beard care and other grooming tips? Walk into my Barber shop for a perfect beard trim in Victoria BC.

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